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Puntarenas Tourism Board

The Tourist Board of Puntarenas is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting and developing tourism in Puntarenas. Its mission is to unite and represent individuals, business organizations,govermental entities and other membeship groups interested in the Puntarenas tourism industry.

Our goal at Puntarenas Tourist Board is to provide you with useful information and images about Costa Rica, and showcase the organizations in the tourism industry that are serving you. That includes both public and private sector organization, as well as the excellent hotels, tour operators, restaurants,attractions and other service providers who strive to make your visit memorable.

In this site we take great pride in introducing you to some of the places from this country that help make it one of the world's most remarkable vacation spots. The Puntarenas Tourist Board shares with you some of our recommendations of where to go and what to see. In a relatively small geographic area you will encounter some of the most friendly and peaceful people, packaged together with an abundance of the best natural attractions to be found anywhere. The biodiversity of our protected areas, for instance, is unrivaled, so spend days exploring this nature (jungles, beaches, rivers or whatever you choose), then evenings in one of the eco-lodges that Costa Rica is famous for; and be sure to not to leave without it, buy a memento from Costa Rica. Enjoy your visit to this great country and we hope to see you again soon!

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