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Sailing Boats For Sale – Used sailboats for sale by owner

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Price: US$90.000 Reduced to US$85.000

In excellent condition, Model Gin Fizz Jeanneau, France -1980
Monolithic polyester helmet, Perkins engine 65 hp (1500 hours).

  • Radar last generation ,
  • Radio communication,
  • Anti rays system,
  • Solar panel,
  • GPS,
  • Sonar

Electric plant 3.5 kw, Combo 2000 watts, Electrical system with LED bulbs. Air conditioning, 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer, 2 TV, Canoe, Zodiac with yamaha motor 8 hp, Freshwater maker, Wind power generator.

Taxes paid, boat license # 4 included (inter oceanic permission)


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