Q) How does Puntarenas.com work?

A) Placing your information with Puntarenas.com is very easy.  You can place your business or service as a registered or non-registered user by simply clicking on the “Submit Listing” button.

Q) Do I have to register to contact a seller?

A) No, you can contact the seller simply by hitting the “reply to posting”.

Q) Is my personal information secure?

A) Yes, Puntarenas.com will never share or sell any of your personal information.

Q) Is there a fee to place an ad?

A) Absolutely not, Puntarenas.com is completely FREE for all to use.

Q) Does Puntarenas.com take a fee for selling something?

A) No, you receive 100% of the price you sell your item for.

Q) I am a retailer with lots of new and used product. Can I post product on your site?

A) Absolutely, all you need to do is register then upload all equipment. Customers have a direct link to your product.   You can input your URL, logo, price, address, plus much much more.

Again, this is a completely FREE service.

Q) Can I submit a non-Puntarenas related ad?

A) No, we are 100% dedicated to the Puntarenas community. All non-Puntarenas ads will be removed from the site.

Q) Does my business information show up anywhere else?
A) Yes, your ad automatically gets placed on our Facebook Page where you can “like” it and “share” it with all your friends.  We also  “tweet” numerous ads per day.

Please help us keep Puntarenas.com a safe and enjoyable site.

If you see a listing that violates our rules, please notify us immediately.