Costa Rica News – More than a dozen clandestine airstrips used by illegal drug traffickers are believed to be operating in the southern zone of the country, part of some 33 clandestine airstrips along the Pacific coast in the provinces of Guanacaste and Puntarenas identified by Costa Rica authorities.

These are airstrips not registered with Civil Aviation.

Security Minister Gustavo Mata said that some of the airstrips are located in national parks.

For that, said the minister, the first action is to eliminate all the airstrips in the national parks and second to notify the private land owners of their existence on the lands.

“These airstrips hae a common feature, they are found in areas adjacent to beaches or navigable rivers, some are in very remote areas in pastures and farms,” said Mata.

Minister Mata added that by notifying the land owners the airstrips no longer are considered clandestine and in the even one is linked to ‘narco flight’ the owner will face legal implications.

From QCostaRica