Costa Rica – This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home and these little piggies went to Panama in the trunk of a car. Seems that someone needed some pork for their Semana Santa tamales but they did not want to go to the store. Three students were arrested near the Panama/Costa…
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Costa Rica Health News - The Costa Rican Health Ministry announced that only 3,064 people have contracted dengue this year, so far. This number may seem high but it is 71% less than the confirmed cases at the same time last year. Dengue produces high fever and intense pain throughout the body. Residents of the Limon…
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Costa Rica News – For all of you planning on having a Super Bowl party at your house this coming Sunday you might want to buy your alcohol early if you are in many of the provinces in Costa Rica.  Not only is this Sunday the Super Bowl it is also election day in Costa Rica.  Twelve municipalities announced a ban on the sale of liquor this February 2nd, election day. This was explained by the National Union of Local Governments. The restriction will apply in San Jose from Saturday the 1st to Monday the 3rd. In the other 11… Continue reading →

Cocaina Paso Canoas

Juez de Liberia dictó este viernes tres meses de prisión como medida cautelar contra dos furgoneros guatemaltecos. Este sábado autoridades judiciales de Alajuela  definirán medidas cautelares contra un inglés y las de Corredores harán lo mismo con otro guatemalteco.