Costa Rica News – 99.6 percent of all Costa Ricans have electric service. Power lines reach nearly every part of the country. The government is now planning to provide mass  broadband Internet. The proposal seeks to provide powerful fiber optic connections capable of 20 MB at no more than $1 per MB. In just a year,

Costa Rica News – I love my Netflix. House of Cards, The Walking Dead, and 80’s movies.  Now it looks like Costa Rica’s Tigo will be launching a version to give it some competition. Tigo Costa Rica (Millicom) will launch its Tigo Play on-demand video streaming service in the second half of the year, reports

Costa Rica News – The Portland State Sociology Club screened the documentary A Bold Peace. The newly completed film describes the events leading up to Costa Rica’s decision to dismantle their military in 1948, the ensuing civil war and how the country has fared since then. Rachael Anderson is a board member of the Sociology Club,

Costa Rica News – Those looking to purchase a home or property have a unique opportunity this weekend. Three public banks offering properties are holding an event at Citi Mall in Alajuela today from 1 to 8 pm and tomorrow from 1 to 6 pm. There will be 760 properties to consider and financing options will

Costa Rica Events – History Expo 2016 is going on this weekend. It’s the perfect outing for collectors as well as those who want to get to know about the past. Our past helps us understand where we are and where we are going. The experience is not only about taking us back in time but

Costa Rica News – Recope does not seem to want anyone to take a piece of their cash cow in Costa Rica, the petroleum sector.  Costa Rica’s state-run oil company Recope said on Thursday it had decided to abandon a refinery upgrade project it was working on with China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) in the

Costa Rica News – It is believed that Mexican cartels are using flights between their country and Costa Rica to import cocaine into Costa Rican territory. There have been three aircraft incidents in the past week; in the last one an aircraft attempted to land and went into the sea.  In two of the three mishaps,